While practising meditation on breath,   on Black Lotus app,  very often I get stuck.  With each exhalation i need to exhale all negativity.  I can recognise a few vices very clearly but other few are a bit hard to identify.


Today i take JEALOUSY.  What is it,  in totality?  On its face value ( मोटे तौर पर ) it seems if other’s progress and happiness   fails to make me happy then i am jealous 🤔.  Luckily this is not the case with majority of our omswami parivaar,  am sure.

But,  at a deep level, how to  identify it?

If at a subconscious / subtle level,  some thought has started emerging e.g. so and so has  always been unbothered during my tough times,  therefore its okay if, now,  i am not feeling as happy as earlier i used to feel in their moments of happiness – is this the origin of jealousy??? 🤔

Please do spare few moments to share your perspective,  in comments column. It would help many to clean and clear their inner shelves and inner self😊.


Jai Shri Hari