🌹Jai Shri Hari 🌹

Life is unpredictable. It really is.
Few days back when I read here, on this platform itself, about one of our member’s accident and her being totally bed ridden, the pain of merely reading about her situation and not being able to extend any help was still lingering…..and
here comes more of such pain….

3.1.2021 – a newspaper news

“A girl of class XI, jumped to death from the 20th floor of high rise……..”
A disturbing news……
Even more shocking was to get to know that she is none other than daughter of our very close family friend. How come this has happened? Why she has done so? There was no burden of study as such, since both the parents are known for their easy going nature. Such simple and sweet people they are. They can’t be the reason, my mind said. The next immediate thought was – must be an emotional angle with some boy……but that also was not the reason, I got to know later.

Reading such a news, even of someone not known, is always a very painful, very very painful, experience for me. For days together I am sort of off, the impact is such. Why? Why suicide has become such a common, such an easy way out, especially for teenagers, to get rid of their pain and problems? Without realising that they are just transferring their pain and problems to their family. And, not knowing what the repercussions could be….

In present case, the reason behind the act was most shocking . In the mother’s painful words – दीदी, हमने उस शाम उसे थोड़ा डांट दिया था. वो गाड़ी चलाना चाह रही थी. इतनी छोटी सी को कैसे गाड़ी चलाने दें………. और देखो वो ख़ुद ही चली गई………. अरे हम दुनिया की सबसे बुरी माँ हैं….. हमसे आप सब सीख लो….. कोई अपने बच्चे को मत डांटना….. सुबह को हमने उसे मनाया क्यों नहीं…..!!!!!! उसके पापा भी उससे बात किये बिना चले गए!!!! उसे वही बुरा लग गया होगा…….

Didi, we had scolded her a bit, that evening . She was asking to drive the car. How can we allow her at this young age…. And see… She herself has gone…. I am the most bad mother in the world….. You all learn from me… No one ever scold your kids…….. Why didn’t I tried to pacify her in the morning !!!!!In the morning her papa went without talking to her !!! she must have taken this to her heart……

This poor mother was saying the most loving words for her sweet, infact very sweet little doll…..
and most harsh words for her own self…..

No one knew what to say in such a situation….All I could do was to try to tell her Not feel guilty. As parents they did their best for kids.

I totally fail to react…. even to respond….. One thought says the little doll has set a bad example…. next moment mind says…. O no! She was simply ignorant… She did it in the spur of that moment, an impulsive act perhaps….

She was a very normal, chirpy, positive kind of teenager, after all.

May be her mind-machinery stopped working…… It simply malfunctioned…..

One more such mishap has happened on 1st January , in my own society – a 16 year old girl, a 24 hour house-help since 3 years in that house, hangs herself to death. Again, they are a known family, quite simple, God loving…. have just one son, 21 Yrs, approx. Law has taken its course and the family is in jail. Not much has been revealed.

Once again, my logical mind fails. Don’t know the truth. But, at the same time, TEENAGE SUICIDE is a truth in both the cases. Whatever the reason, truth is that two teenagers took this extreme step. Their journeys stopped abruptly, in most painful manner.

Inside me, there is a sort of storm brewing up….a need to reach the needy…. to understand the less understood …., to sort the unsorted things, to strengthen the weak minds …….. Here, just praying for them falls short….. (my feeling )

In my little capacity, am doing whatever i can, for both the families. Yet, somehow, it feels that its not enough 😔. Am feeling so disturbed, shaken and powerless.

We, the small divine brigade of DIVINE, under the supervision of our Master, always try doing our best. Now I feel that we must try to stretch ourselves a bit more. We have to find ways and means to be able to work more actively in helping as many as we can, in which so ever way and in whichever capacity.

In the meantime, let us be a support in the process of healing. Wounds may not be due to our fault, but healing them is our responsibility.

May Almighty align all…… 🪔🪔🪔