1. If what you say/write isn’t a positive contribution to anyone’s life, better not say anything at all. That’s what I believe.

With such a positive space created by our very loved Swamiji, all I wanted was to add some more positivity. 

“But… how much amount of positivity do I really radiate in my day to day life? How much portion of knowledge I’ve read did actually became a part of my persona?” My mind kept chattering.

When a person needs your shoulder it is so much easy to say great motivational things. But how much of it do we recall when we are in trouble?

And that is when a change is needed. As i write what my soul really believes in, I will make it a part of my life. Writing always gives clarity , the clarity leads to realization and realization will lead me where my soul wants to go…

“Let’s write let’s grow”, I said to my heart and here I complete my first post.

Live, Love.

Radhekrishna 🙏😇

I’m eternally grateful to Swamiji and the entire team for this wonderful platform. Thankyou so much!!!

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