Writing is a very creative skill and I’m average at this skill, striving to do better each time. Last week when my good karma points were converted to the earnings, I was so happy and very grateful to Swamiji and this platform. So, out of sheer excitement, I decided to start writing a new post everyday and also to write each post better than the last one.  But I was hit by ” Writer’s Block”. Now what is it? It is a condition where a writer is unable to produce a new work and experience creative slowdown( I googled it 🤞😅).

So the task that I assigned to myself for writing a post per day couldn’t get converted into an action, no matter how hard I tried. 

Everyday I would open OS.ME, go to the member posts, read titles and see vivid featured images, scroll down and return back to the homepage, without reading a single post. This became my routine and then miss negativity started making her way into my mind. From cans everything turned to can’ts. I thought to give up writing for sometime, for which I gave myself several justifications, some were- Exams are overhead, will write when I will find something positive, will write in evening, will write in morning, I m really busy, and all those who are busy can’t take out time to write, so is the case with me. But after all these justifications, at the back of the mind, I wanted to write, write and write. 

Then, a few days back I remembered a term called ‘ Writer’s Block ‘ which I learned at one of the online creative writing training programs. Now this term started spinning in my head and I found it was a strong defense to procrastinate and take a break. I thought OS.ME wouldn’t stop if I won’t write or break is important for everyone. You would all agree with me…right? But for me everything was going left, I would feel like I have lost all inspiration, creativity,etc…I don’t know what’s the reason for these negative thoughts ( maybe my irregular meditation) but I knew one thing that this is a vicious circle and I have to push myself out of it. 

What became my inspiration is very surprising and also a source of frequent smiles coming back and forth on my face right now. It was Amazon, yes you are thinking right…shopping website, not the Amazon forest. As I was searching for grooming stuff for my 3 months old puppy, I found some home essentials, a teddy bear and also a summer air cooler. Now you all might think how on earth can give someone inspiration to write…wait…I have a story to narrate…

My maternal uncle, is one of the most loving men I have ever seen in my lifetime so far. But because of the business failure, he had to see very tough times and is making it through. He shifted to Ludhiana for better employment opportunities but couldn’t get much success even after his hard work. His elder son who completed his 12 th standard in Non Med with 85% couldn’t get admission into a college last year because they couldn’t afford the fees. He worked in a factory for 6 months to collect his fees but all his pay drowned in rents, bills, grocery, etc. We helped them as much as we could but everytime we helped them they paid their debts to the furious debtors knocking on their doors every morning. This time also my cousin is taking tuitions to make ends meet. His younger sister, who was and is one the loveliest kids in the family, has also become the victim of the financial clutches. She is in 10th standard, but because they hadn’t paid her complete fees, she is always stressed about whether she will be allowed to sit in examination or not. 

Although I know I am not financially independent to give them the support that can make their lives run on a smooth tread but today when I saw a teddy bear on Amazon, I remembered my cousin sister who always wanted to have a big teddy bear on her birthday but kept her mouth shut because of their financial situation, with this I started searching for things that they might need, the first thing that came to my mind was –  air cooler that can make their crazy summers go light on them. Then I searched for other important things they might need and let them have a sigh of relief for sometime, atleast. But after half an hour flew by, I questioned myself….do I have money to provide them all that I want? Do I have any savings or I’m just making things up in the air? Then some deeper questions started mushrooming…will I be never able to help someone who is in need? Will I let them go just like that? Will I have to wait till I become financially independent? What should I do?

Oh yes! My eyes and my heart sparkled up and there was one name, that one name on my mind and that was OS.ME. I knew what I had to do…In that moment I found all the lost creativity, and inspiration that I dug deep somewhere. The task of writing an article each day doesn’t seem like a task anymore but a gratitude and love that I can share with others and make many hearts smile. I don’t know whether I will be able to write good articles or not but one thing that I’m sure is I found my light that I can kindle whenever I feel down. I hope you all have found your light and if you have not yet found it,  then just wait and trust nature, it will give you the best source of inspiration that will vibrate with the wavelength of your heart. Now will I write an article everyday? Don’t know but yes! One thing is for sure, I will write with more love and happiness. 

Today also, after finding out my inspiration from Amazon and following thoughts that occupied my mind, I started searching for a topic to write about…after searching, searching and searching…I came to OS.ME  and thought to at least read something but then below my dashboard, my eyes stopped at the icon ‘ Share your truth’. For a minute I stopped and thought…what is my truth? And the moment I found it, I started sharing my truth and that is…I was infected my Writer’s Block virus,  and lost all my strength to write or read or be creative and thought I will never find my inspiration…but the  inspiration made its way to me in an unexpected way and gradually turned into this writing piece. 

P.s. I might or might not continue with the Unalome series depending on how comfortable I’m writing with my further story because I thought it would be easy, but it’s not and now I’m rethinking about the series. 

Love you all…Hope you all are safe and happy 😊❤🤗🙏🌟🌻



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