Writing a post is so much like fishing! Think of our mind as a pool, with the idea-fishes swimming around…. To write a post you have to catch an idea fish…

An ideal day for fishing will be a nice sunny day with the breeze blowing gently… You wouldn’t choose a rainy day with wind howling into your ears for fishing… So similarly, a day when you are happy and smiling, and not overburdened by heavy downpour of emotions is the best day for writing a post. 

As you go fishing, you are accompanied by a fishing rod, a bait, and plenty of time to help you accomplish your mission. So as you start writing your post, it will be helpful to have a scribbling pad, a pen/pencil to jot down some ideas and of course plenty of time…

Remember, Fishing is a tedious job. It’s not mandatory that you will land up with lots of fish everyday. You may not catch even a single one on an especially unlucky day. Sometimes, all that you may be able to catch is a thrown away old shoe or a plastic bottle. Similarly, you may not be able to catch even one idea to write a post on an unlucky day. Some days you may get so many ideas, that it’s impossible to put them all into one post. On such a lucky day, store away some of the ideas in a deep freezer, and take them out when you need them. And even if all you manage to catch is an old thrown away idea, doesn’t matter, it might be of some use to you!

Choosing the same spot for fishing everytime may not help you always. You need to explore, search for other spots. So always explore, by reading other member posts, other books, so that you have more exposure to more ideas.

Now, it’s not all about fishing alone is it? You have to prepare the fish you have caught to make a tasty dinner. You have to marinate the fish nicely in spices. Yes, the salt has to be just right, and don’t add too much of chilli powder. So put in the right spices into your post too, not too much, that it becomes unpalatable. And not too less, that the reader doesn’t get any taste from it… Yes, it takes a little bit of practice to get the quantity right, but don’t worry, soon you will become a seasoned chef!

Well, not everyone really enjoy eating fish, do they? You can’t force a vegetarian to eat fish, so everyone is not going to read your post. It’s all about their personal choice. 

Some people who have tasted your fish enjoy it immensely, and they tell you so. Some don’t really enjoy it, but still they appreciate your efforts and so they tell you that they enjoyed it. Some eat most of the fish and quietly disappear without thanking you for it. Yeah, you guessed it right…. Am talking about the comments part 😉

But does it really matter in the end? It’s all about fishing….I mean writing…isn’t it? You enjoyed it, that’s all that matters ☺️🙏

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