This writing exercise is a part of the day 4 writing challenge.

We had to write about the yellow color from the perspective of a blind person. How yellow color would look like? What will be the sound, taste and feel of this color to a blind person? I immediately thought of my blind masi  (mother’s elder sister). I lovingly call her Didu.She may not be able to see through her physical eyes but no one can match the sharpness of her inner vision .

I imagined myself sitting close to her. Didu started touching my right wrist when I gave her a soft hug .. she was guessing how many bangles I am wearing. Then she would hear the jingling of those bangles. Yes, this sound is being made by my bright yellow-gold bangles. You are so perfect in correlating the sound of this yellow.

Didu, the feel of the yellow colour is like touching marigold flowers. These are the flowers that we offer to the Divine. Yellow is that velvet touch cardigan that you have knitted for my daughter. I have explained to you, “Khatta pila (bright yellow).”Yellow is the colour of sunlight which we enjoyed sitting together on lazy winters.

No one could beat you in cooking. Yellow is the exceptional taste of those sweet Besan ladoos that you would make for us. The sweet yellow changes into spicy when you cook that Gatte ki Curry of Besan.

You considered mustard oil as a remedy for every skin problem. Yellow is the mild pungent smell of mustard oil which you will gently rub on your hands to make them softer. Yellow is also the smell of Haldi(turmeric) which we had mixed in mustard oil. It was the day of the Haldi ceremony in Chinky’s marriage. On that day you not only saw the hues of yellow. But also felt the fragrance, taste, and sound of this colour yellow.

yellow, yellow ..happy fellow

PS I penned my feelings on the fourth day but was hesitant to share them on this platform. Today, Medha mam insisted to post whatever
we have written. So this is for you, mam.