O Yellow one!
Embracing yellow clothes,
Yellow jewels and ornaments,
Wearing glittering gold earrings,
Merged in bliss,
With a beautiful face and lovely breasts,
Face effulgent as the full moon,
Seated on the lion throne,
On the centre of a beautiful blossoming red lotus,
In the midst of the nectar-milk ocean,
Seated on the corpses and skulls of one’s inner enemies,
Who bears a hammer,
And binds the tongue of inner enemies,
And who with her right-hand hammers them.
Causing woe to the places of the inner demons.

O MahaMaaya
O Mahatantra,
O MahaVidya
O Yellow one!
Paralyze my inner enemies,

Hail to you,
Who is the Seizer of the Speech,
The Paralyser of the Tongues of the Eloquent,
The Appeaser of Terrifying Obstacles,
Paralyser of the Evil,
Dispeller of Poverty,
Calmer of Cruel Kings,
Pacifier of the Mind trembling with anxiety like the deer,
The Attractor of Good Fortune,
Who causes cessation of Death and Murder,
O, Beauteous Mother.

Mother, shatter my inner enemies,
Their speech and their wagging tongues.
Peg their wet mouths!
Destroy them entirely!
Paralyse all terrible things in the three worlds!
Grind them to powder, O Devi!
Furiously beat them, O Yellow One,
Golden limbed One,
Clothed in yellow

O Mother-Bhairavi,
Shri Vidya,
Ram, Matangi,
Tripura, Above All,
Giver of Heaven, Giver of Things,
I am your ignorant son seeking refuge in You,
Lady of the Cosmos!
I offer you my polluted skull,
Protect me in wars and in battles, O Yellow One!

P.S.: Ode to cosmic mother on her day

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