I was walking down the street and reached a bus stop. I quietly sat down on the smooth bench and listened to the birds chirping. After a few minutes, I saw a blind man walk up and sit next to me. He was silent for a minute, and then, he said, “Excuse me.” I looked at him and then I looked around. Was he speaking to me?

There was nobody else at the bus stop, so I replied, “Yes?” He smiled and asked me, “Ma’am, would you be so kind to tell me what the color “yellow” is? I was so perplexed. I finally answered, “Well, um, yellow sounds like a swallow singing on a bright summer day.” “The blind man smiled. We were quiet for a while, and coincidentally, a beautiful swallow sat on a shady tree above us and started to sing a cheerful tune.

The man smiled even more brightly, which made my heart feel like it was going to burst. I saw a fresh daisy growing in a crack on the sidewalk. I marveled at its brilliance and gently picked it up. I held it at the man’s nose, and I saw him smell with a great delight. “And that’s yellow smells like.” I did not need to explain. The fresh daisy spoke for itself.

I looked at my watch. The bus was already five minutes late. I did not mind. My stomach did, though. I pulled out some still warm cornbread out of my bag and was going to take a greedy bite when I saw the man sitting there. Kindness got the better of me, and I split the bread in half. I put the bread in his hand, and he smiled gratefully. He took a bite and said, “This is the best food I have ever tasted! How did you know I was hungry?” I did not answer. I just said,” That is how yellow tastes like.”

This time, I did not check my watch. I held his hand. It felt sturdy but withered. “Thank you so much,” he whispered. I held his hand tightly. “And that is how yellow feels like,” I whispered back. I felt at peace, and my entire body was whole. I felt complete with this blind man. Just as I was going to ask his name, my bus came. I was heartbroken. I reluctantly left his hand and climbed on the bus steps, looked back, and said, “Bye.” When I looked back, he was nowhere to be seen. I never saw him again.

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