Since i m married to a extreme Gymoholic husband ,i have no choice but to also if not keep in shape then atleast not get round shaped! With a sweet tooth aswell sooper taste concious kids and a house just 50 meters from South Delhi s hub of all cousine restaurants aswelll a Punjabi family who dont fit in jeans due to their genes ,i have no choice but to visit a Gym after failing efforts of my aerobics and Yoga Gurus and dieticians! Here are some of my Gym mates at a quick glance..
1) Mickey the party girl…Her only purpose to attend Gym is enquiring and celebrating b.days and anniversaries of other gymers so her usual Gym accomplice are cakes, bouquets and diet popcorn hampers with herself wearing plain fluorescent t.shirts and floral leggings.2) Nikita the selfie butterfly…she does one crunch and sees herself in mirror checking her hairstyle and lip gloss to click atleast 10 selfies in different angles with weird lip shapes to post on insta! 3) Divya the no nonsense…she is only interested in cardio work outs with reps and no distractions so scolds me too for taking 4) Soni the gossiper..
She knows whos mother in law goes to which parlour and who s husband has which brand of car and wants to know and discuss all 5) Seema the councellor..
Instead of excercising she keeps giving parental tips and matrimonial guidance to each agonised soul howering around her for advice. 6) Vinny the jweller…her main purpose is selling her jewelry to gym women so comes loaded with different peice of jewellery item each day. 7) Humera the trade mill sticker…she doesnt want to share the trade mill but thinks its only hers. 8) Gagan the protein drinker…he keeps sipping and suggesting us fat cutters ,createnin and strawberry nuts protein shakes for those cuts 9) Shagun the puffed girl.. she is so overweight that unable to a single excercise with excellence and last but not the least Leenkesh my eternal angelic Professor gymer…He only keeps correcting everyone s bad postures! More than his perffect work outs he is more interested that all co gymers do perffect excercise! Do u remember some of your Gym mates?

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