In 1997 , working as a traininee in India s number 1 fmcg company Hindustan lever limited ,i came across to meet a very devoted and hard working employee of our company s distributors who shared the same name as the fisrt ever boy i ever fell in love with! Weather it were his cute looks ,sweet voice ,devotion towards God or same name as my first love,but everything about him made me attracted towards him! Though he was much below in hyrarachy and educational position to me but i really enjoyed his presence Since i was his employers boss, i couldn’t publically show my fondness for him but eyes never lie and he always knew why i always reached his distributor point much earlier than any employee, bosses or owners! Often i used to sit in Tata 407 distribution van and retail market with him! Though it was part of my job to do this once in 2 months but my fondness for him was making me a star employee doing it weekly! On one such occasion Siddharth( yes same name as my examination lover boy) asked me to meet him after office hours outside a movie hall where we used to deliver our ice cream! As planned we met there and before we discussed, disclosed or divulged into any dialogues, he said today is Tuesday and my day to visit Fateh nagar Gurudwara, any wish if asked and we visit 5 consecutive Tuesdays there, it gets fulfilled, Till then i had never visited any Gurudwara, but it was a good opportunity to not get caught and feel embarrassed to be with some so low in worldly status to visit a religious place! So even if colony people, relatives, freinds or company colleagues would have seen me and Siddharth together, i could say we were visiting Gurudwara, which was not a lie too.As we reached the chhote sahebzyada Gurudwara at fateh nagar ,the que was atleast 2 kms and me snd Siddharth spent almost 1.5 inuinteruppted hours seeing and feeling each other’s fragrance ( sweat stench) ,love makes u crazy to not feel any sweat smell or feet ache of standing in delhi s Jun of 47degree without water or fan! So as i bowed down at Gurudwara following my co seekers ,i just randomly asked Babajee( guru Nanak) please make me a permanent employee from a trainee and i ll visit you 5 Tuesdays consecutively! Till then company had no plans to absorb the trainees! As luck would have it ,for greed of Siddharth s company and Gurudwara being safest spot to be together publically, i completed 3 consecutive Tuesdays, the fourth fell on a surprise interview by the company and on 5th Tuesdays i had the appointment letter and i went to thank and pay my gratitude rather than ask anything. Things between me and Siddharth never worked, He never tried to be in relationship being mature and aware of our family Strata and educational difference! But he gave me Gift of my life ..

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