With all A+ graders and Chamchaas of teacher or the very disciplined and humble ones being chosen as the Monitor of the class..i dint ever get an opportunity to be one ! With most Jhakaas and mast maulaa attitude the teachers could not afford to make me a bus register bringing or black board cleaning subsidiary Man- eater too! Who was interested too any way to be so hard working, meticulous and serious? I enjoyed my Bindaas back bencher gang trying to get copies completed by those nerdy ,chashmish ones who did it for one Samosa or orrange bar teat or my pyaar bharee dhamki to give them a round chakkar on my dhaee killo ke haath! When i came to class 9th a very sweet mam..Swati mam joined for English and was appointed our class teacher,her eyes were the only ones to recognize my hidden potential and she appointed ME the Man eater…most notorious child a monitor…there was no noise in class that day, no names on black board ,no defaulters of unifotm ,no one found bunking in play ground and no water or toilet casual goes caught! The efficient ones were too scared and the naughty ones were my buddies so couldn’t put my reputation at stake! When mam went for a Staff room break and i was asked to mind class, i roamed around each row like a watchman calling out..Jagte raho attitude, no one but a class mate Amarjeet was talking to his co seat habitant When i patted his head casually….he collapsed on the desk saying…i have had a head injury earlier and u aggravated it! Now miss Rambo the Gabbar sing of class became Rajpal yadav of Dhol ..scared ,coy and meek ,every period i went to him and asked if he was ok ,he kept putting his head down on desk ,…i made him eat my bread roll lunch too and got him Britania fruit cake from canteen as a bribe for not to complain to teacher…aswell escorted him to his bus When last period school bell rang! I was releaved to see him next day come to school healthy and cheerful..i had made a sorry card for him with mountain ,river, tree and v shaped black crows flying in blue sky and green grass under…that’s the only drawing i knew! Anyways my monitor ship was snatched that very day as Swati mam had not joined our school…she was called just for trial which dint work out!

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