1. I started my Freelance job in1980,after completing The Tourist Guide Course,by Department of Tourism, Government of 🇮🇳 India. Our training took shape after a gap of ten years, An All India Competition, only 30 seats, including reserved category.. I never knew ABC of it..I applied,, on my better half’ssuggestion,was select for the interview, synchro destiny working for me…Eventually after 3 months,three got selected for prizes, including me…All of them women Director of Tourism, A Lady too,Ms.Hira Chandran…cherry on the cake was ,chief guest shyamla pappu from Supreme Court
    They gave us the Title of Unofficial Ambassador of India..I never imagined in the wildest of dreams, this as my Calling,as I was a trained post graduate Teacher..we blame our circumstances, why my mom in law didn’t give up her job,to look after home,as she was a head mistress in corporation school…I now understand, we voluntarily choose our Script of life…she expired after two years ,suffering from cancer
    Om Swamiji says Keep Walking, I was never the Victim of procrastination, inspite of family constraints. I only watched Devanand,as RajuGuide,with melodramatic gestures..This was just Tip of The Iceberg… It proved to be a win win ✌situation,I learnt about other cultures from horse’s mouth., introduced them to our cultural heritage..Their small gestures, opening the door for u,treating u with respect was a welcome chang, from our traditional, bossy,privileged males in our environment.
     I happened to be in good books of offials of department of tourism. In fact our, Actions Speak louder than our words..Once during my own journey, I along with the driver got written instructions, to be well dressed,mindfulness in behavior, to escort🎤 Vip Guests🏬 After one month,At the appointed time we,were at seven star hotel,told to wait for3 hours. The guest we had to esscort was Direction of Quantas.a heavy built Gentleman, who could not fit in the luxury car,accompanied by aslim, stern lady, characters from Jane Austen’s victorian era..They visited Qutab Minar,sightseeing.👒 Inside the car…it was a learning experience of people, living in Ivory towers…I pen down now,as there is always next time….Jai shree Hari🙏