This is my first post, I ever thought my name (as a blog) would be written on this holy temple ‘‘ site.

I am an ordinary software engineer cum YogaTherapist.

As a common man, I do empty my bank balance by the next day of salary receiving by paying Bills,EMIs and Loans but my soul always wants to do donation and contribute something to society.

Daan- as per our sanathana darma, we should serve 10% back to nature, want to know more about it then you could hear in holy words of our Swamji’s voice in this Shudh Daan link


you could read  from the The spirit of service  Service expects nothing in return other than the well-being of the one we are serving.

Fortunately, Yoga came in to my life, my way of life changed,especially when Swamiji came in to our family our entire family relationships got transformed.

We  might felt many times deficient with material wealth but we never scarcity of Spritual Wealth. Abundance of Happines, Peace,Health, Harmonial Relationships came in to our life with Yoga especially these are accelerated with Balck Lotus App. Among all Guru’s graces always be with us  all the time in our hardships.

On this auspicious, ‘Purushotham Maas’  We (as a whole family) have taken  The Big Decision one or other way we should serve  to society. But, we are not sure how?

I have a big dream I would like to be live only by 10% of income and 90% to donate ( Meaning of Daan) to the society.

It is impossible for ordinary people like me. But, when we heard one of the SwamiJi’s discuourse (-Daan – You Get What You Give ) ‘Sub se bada daan – “Shabdonka Hota hi”‘ the biggest donation is to help some one,talking some good words and council someone.

We felt Swamiji heard our prayer -given opportunity to return to the nature in the form of teachings- We have taken a decision teaching Yoga to everyone.

The quotes from A prayer that Never Fails ‘At the end of every financial year, he donates all excess in his account ‘ or   from blog ” Revenge” Swami Ji  is given even the earnings’ -These both are inspiration for us.

We also decided 90% of earnings on these sessions will be returned to ashram and remaining 10% used for expenses occurred for conducting yoga sessions.

As in swamiji post scripts on ‘ spirituality Be Patient, Give before you take, give a lot more than you wish to take. Nature will reciprocate. It never fails.‘ and ‘Spiritual Wealth‘ –Here’s charity in a nutshell: Help whenever, wherever, however and whoever you can. With whatever you can sensibly spare.

We also want to give more as much as we can in the form of  our expertise skills, Yoga Asanas teachings, Therapy & Healing techniques.

There are many people not able to afford time and money to take care of their Health. In fact, I would say there are many more people afford money and time but not have a guidance or idea to come out from their unhealthy life style.

There is giga bites of materials & videos are on Google Cloud for free. But, no one  come forward to walk with you  or  any one takes the responsibility of changing your yoga way of life.

To experiment our body is not thing or object  to get replaced when it get damaged, Yoga is a life which has to be done with at most respect and reverence under expertise.

We are here ready to serve you under our Guru’s grace. -8886454680