There I was, busy in the hustle bustle of everyday life,

With little to think of, but ways to overcome the daily strife.

Though I knew You were there too, little did I understand,

How much of my life was actually in Your hand.


With body and mind I had been undertaking every struggle,

And I knew not where, what and when would be the end of my trouble.

From Your peace and omnipresence, You knew very well,

That event, that learning, that would bring me out from where I dwell.


When things around me changed, little did I realize it was Your deed,

All the while I felt that I was taking the decisions and was acting indeed.

While You smiled, I know and let the child take his path,

You know that he would know better with deeper thought.


Then I started doing things of beauty and I started finding joy,

I learnt to be at peace with myself and knew I’m not more than a toy.

Then You would have seen how the child started to learn,

When he went far away and then his heart started to yearn.


I did yearn to know what was different in me that I felt happy now,

I felt pride and I thought, to be at peace I had learnt how.

You were still patient in waiting for me to realize more,

Though I did not foresee, You knew there was more in store.


Over time, I could not understand how I had changed and what it was,

That I was happy now without reason or cause.

It was then that You must have seen that I had begun to feel You better,

You must have known that I was getting out of myself – I was throwing away that fetter.


And now I see that it is not me but You who is doing things of splendor,

I am but an instrument and to You, all of me I surrender.

You are in me, You work thru me, You are that there was, is and will be,

May You be I and I be Your tool as long as this body in this world be.