I see You in all that I see,

Feel You in all that I feel.

I can hear nothing that is not You.

All that I taste is but Your giving.

I think, and I know it is but Your thoughts.

The energy which drives me is but Your giving.

There is nothing but You.

I know and I feel, yet I feel not,

As I know you are beyond what I feel,

What I see, hear, touch.

You are that which is beyond all.

I long for You and I can feel the longing

Is but Your doing.

I crave, all I can for that time when,

There is no more day and night and there is no time.

I wish to relish that delight which I know

Is not mine to choose but Yours to give.

I want to be not me.

I want to be, that being which is beyond me

When I be no more and all is You.

When everything exists as it is,

Yet all existence ceases,

And that which is, is You, only You.

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