Why does it feel like I do not know what am looking for
When deep within me a silence says you are all that is worth waiting for
Why am I seeking love from others
Knowing everyone in this life suffers

Iam done with all these chaos around me
And I always let these who drain my energy surround me
Why do they all feel am available to them just to make them feel better
May be I let them walk over me, hither and tither

Again I come back being the same person to share love and care
Yet again am hurt as always as they leave me just anywhere
It is time I stop trying to fill my emptiness
While you are the only one who is inclusive to my completeness

I do not know how do I become worthy of your grace
While am still running this life race
How can I stop myself to direct inward
When my mind keeps wandering outward

Krishna, Please help me find a way out of this
fear and insecurity
I want to stay away in solitude to seek your love and being with you in solidarity

I have heard that with all unfulfilled desires you again come into this world to find them
I beg you please dont send me back here ever again when Ive ever fulfilled any seldom

Am waiting to breakthrough the chains of illness, resentment, guilt and attachment
Help me find a way to you, the ultimate attainment

I promise to hold on to you even if you bring me to my knees and tear me apart
Finally I leave this world just to remain forever in your heart