You are not; what you think you are…..

Don’t get surprised….

Yes, it’s true….you are not, what you think you are…

When did I believe this fact??

When I started observing,  experiencing so many contradictory events, happenings while dealing with my patients in opds, ICU,  Operation theaters.

While diagnosing the disease; we usually keep many differential diagnosis according to the signs and symptoms the patients have. Then identify the factors or causes for that disease. Among innumerable known causes or factors;  what used to fascinate me is ‘ idiopathic cause’.

When everything is ruled out and still we don’t get a cause, it is called idiopathic.  What does that mean?
The Unknown cause…
This idiopathic cause is very much challenging for our medical fraternity. Let there be many qualifying degrees, skills and years together in practice,…few things remain unexplained and unidentified.

Two patients of same diagnosis, with same line of treatment, in same ICU,  with same physician….. One survives and other dies. Major injured patients surviving and just a minor injury claims the life of other.
In those days, we used to remember the common phrases –
‘ जाको राके साई मार सकेना कोई। ठोकर लगनेका निमीत्त और वो चल बसे।’

Who is that deciding authority to decide whether and when a person would die or not . How does this tiny nimitta proves to provok the major happenings?

I know that our medical field is limited. There are so many things yet to be known in this life science. And I also know that, there is another great science behind this limited science, governing all the happenings in the world,  good or bad…

When human fails in knowing certain facts through common experiences,  he starts seeking it outside his routine framework.

By the God’s grace,  I got all the answers to every query. Solution to every problem….the idiopathic cause/ factor for everything happening in the life, in the world….

Can you guess Where??

In our scriptures…  In Upanishad…. in Gita.

How did they convince me?

By teaching me to shift my identity….

” I am not, what I think I am…(  the body mind complex)”


“I am the Self / Atman – The Sat Chit Anand.”

Yes, off course  this knowledge is at present, at my intellectual level only.
Self Realisation seems to be remote and far…. but  faith in this Self-knowledge is sufficient to live at peace. It surely reduces the intensity we react and suffer by the dualities of the world.

While learning these scriptures/ vedanta,  I used to make notes of difficult concepts in simple language.
I wish to share those notes of basics of Vedanta with like minded people, not in monotonous academic way but with little bit difference. (Most of the texts based on Bhagvan Adi Shankaracharya’s Advait philosophy)

I Hope, this will be beneficial to many of you. It is said that getting the human birth is very rare and this is the blessing by the Lord Himself to give an opportunity to know our True nature. Only human beings are endowed with the viveka/ power of the discrimination required for this Self-knowledge.

The main purpose/goal of the human life is to realize the Self/ Moksha, the Liberation (  among four goals of life- धर्म,अर्थ,काम,मोक्ष)

So, although to get this knowledge,  four fold qualifications are required,  one can study it with faith so as to assess one’s own preparation for this very purpose.
Hari Om!