As I set out for my morning walk, I see the beautiful trees, and plants on the sidewalk and it occurrs to me, no two trees look the same. Though the leaves🌿☘️🍀 and flowers🌺🌹🌻🌼 may be shaped the same, every individual tree is different. I remember reading somewhere that no two tigers 🐅 or zebras 🦓 have the same pattern of stripes. I see the pebbles lining the walkway, no two pebbles share exactly the same color, size and shape! I look at the sky, and see the clouds, some small, some large, some white, some dark, and each with a unique shape. I wonder if God has ever created one cloud just like another?
I watch the people walking by. No two people look the same. Each person is unique, with his/her own complexion, hairstyle, build and even gait of walking. Even two identical twins have their own unique fingerprints. And to think of our minds…each one of us even thinks differently. We all have our own individual likes and dislikes, and the choices we make. Maybe that’s why we all have to walk our own individual paths.
I marvel at the ingenuity of our creator, His imagination in bringing in so much variety into even inanimate objects like rocks and clouds. The myriad variety of lifeforms He has created ranging from minutest germs to a million different species of plants and animals.
Maybe underneath us all, flows the same energy or life force, which is somewhere binding us all together. Which makes us love each other, understand each other and feel for each other. But still each one of us is unique. So it doesn’t matter where our unique path takes us through, it straight or curved, through the countryside or though the forest or by the riverbank, it will ultimately lead us to the same destination… the source we came from. Maybe it will take some a just little longer and some just a little while, but we all will reach the same destination. ☺️

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