It all began when we moved to our new home .

We were cleaning the balcony and  one baby sparrow fell down from the tree to our balcony .she was barely breathing and was so small that she could not even manage to open her tiny eyes . We brought her inside and kept her in the box covered with cotton. I gave her a little drop of water and whenever i took the cotton ball filled with water near her she used to open her mouth like a child when she/he feels presence of her mother .  I saw few videos as well and gave her food to eat . After few hours she slept and we all breathed a sigh of relief.

Few hours later when i even stepped in to the balcony she used to start with high pinched tweeting as if she felt us as her family . The day passed by and i fed her in night also and i woke up early morning just to give her some food but

…… she died . I still cannot believe that over a night what might have happened that she could not even manage to live . I feel guilty that maybe i was the reason behind this that i could not manage to take care of her …… still when i see that corner from my kitchen My eyes becomes watery.  I hope her soul might have rested in peace .

She will be always missed !!

Sometimes life is filled with things outside your control .

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