The latest news which is going on nowadays is the volume of the recitation of the Hindu prayer and Islam “kalma”. The hindus are hell bent on blasting their prayers be it the Hanuman Chalisa, Mata Rani, Ram ji etc, while the Islam people feel that their “Kalma” which is recited from their mosques is equally or more important to be played loudly.
The Hindus state that if the Muslims broadcast their prayers through loudspeakers we will play our Hanuman Chalisa twice that volume… are we competing with God as whose prayer or calling is more important to God or the notion that the louder the prayer the faster it will be heard by God.
No where is it mentioned that your prayers should be loud, or disturb the others, prayer should always come from the heart and soul of the individual, even a whisper of your prayer reaches God and touches his heart. Prayer must always come from within by blasting it in loudspeakers and screaming and shouting we are disturbing God and our real intention of praying to God is lost in all the noise and sound.
The best way to offer prayer to God is silence, they say “silence is golden” it is true the more silent the prayer the faster it will reach God and will be heard by him and the best part is that it will never interfere or disturb the others praying along with you.
The strength in prayers is immense, so the next time you sit down to pray remember to pray through your heart, soul and mind and not through your loudspeakers.

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