Do you still miss the first step you took, the first fight, the first prize, the first crush, the first date or the first kiss? Do you miss or still remember the excitement, thrill, and goose bums you experienced for the first time?

Remember your first bicycle ride and the early fall, remember those fun-filled walks from home to school when the time used to fly. Do we miss those times or have always been trained to speak this way, see things this way and brood? Missing is a term that makes an individual weak inside and takes away something from deep within, but if we use the term, remember instead it excites you about how life has always pondered grace on you.

We hear much time, talking about the old days and how they miss those reckless days. We can surely see the sadness in the eyes of those people who miss the time as they have made life that way. On another side, if we see old friends remembering the mesmerizing times they had together, pull the leg of each other and laugh on the events, you will always find a glow in the eyes of such people and even if a tear roll down their eyes it would be of happiness.

The food for thought over here is, should we miss and cry when we surely can’t bring back or remember the good times and cherish the memories that we have made.

Think, Analyse and Choose” Do you want to Miss or Remember.”