The lens remains the same, the eyes and the person also, Even the situations in the grand scheme of things.
Then what is it that the most beautiful person I have ever seen, who smells of a million lotuses. whose yes are the depths of “karuna” whose had and feet are those an infant does?
What is it that changes, what is it that snaps?

You go back to life, you get lost in the mundane and mediocre, and then every time the reality of life hits you and you yelp, he is right there. showing direction, holding the light.

What he did to me is, he lifted the veil, the veil of ignorance, of doubt, of self-centeredness, of only self-love, of no trust in what tomorrow holds and of mostly living for myself.
He opened my heart to kindness, to faith, to his glory, to gratitude, to belief, to hope, to charity, to myself, to finding the true me.
In you alone lies my life, in your feet alone is my refuge, from you alone comes my strength and in you alone would I like to melt.
Hari, Hari, and Hari alone is my reality.