We are sitting together,

But we are not talking,

We are looking at each other.

But we are still silent,

We know each other,

We know all emotions,

But we are still not expressing.

This silence is creating distance,

But I don’t know how to break this silence,

There is love,

There is anger,

But there is no hate,

Instead, there is silence.

I know I made mistakes as usual,

But I have improved a lot.

A lot is going on inside,

But this silence is not leaving.

I don’t know when and how,

But silence becomes greater than love,

But this is painful,

This silence cost a lot,

This costs real me,

I am lost in the jungle of this silence.

I don’t want to create a wall in between us,

So let’s create a bridge,

Let’s move together again,

Let’s hold each other hand again,

Let’s smile together again,

Let’s make it normal again.

Let’s say each other what we are holding,

Just Let’s do this.

Let’s do a break up with silence,

 Let’s do patch up with each other.

Thank you,

Keep smiling

Riya Om

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