I like the way you paint my eyes ochre
and sparkle my heart with bliss;
I am a wanderess strolling in this
cosmos wild, collapsing on broken
dreams and lame desires –
but to all the things that house my
heart, you are someone to whom
I wish to bind consciously;
I like it when I feel naturally
attracted to your magnificence
in this huge cosmos,
for bondage with you means
freedom from everything else my
heart has caught hold of till now:
out of everything I have known
till now, your eyes are something
that grip me the most – I am
a mere wanderess and you are
the sea I wish to flow onto;
You diffuse vairagya into my essence,
but I am too flawed to soak dispassion
into my worldly dance
I am too weak to surrender wholly
to Your magnificence
I am a little girl crying for your mercy;
this love- I don’t know what it is
composed of: what fabric it is sewn with,
In this love I do nothing by myself
consciously – it is You who keep pulling
me with your strange magnetism- and
I, so much love the pull by You.
I so much love the pull by You
This heart doesn’t understand labyrinths
and complexities – it doesn’t know what
knowledge and love really means; but still
it feels blissful when it gets pulled by
You again and again

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