Hey you, so you messed up again huh? You are such a loser! Always making things worse than they should be.  No I am seriously laughing out loud. By the way, what else I can expect of you? 

I get you! Because many a times I have felt the same pain that you are in right now. There was a time back when I use to mess up every little thing due to which I lost my confidence because nobody gave me validation that I am doing good. Everyone said I sucked so I believed that I actually sucked. That time, I used to hate my body, my appearance , the way I feel and every thing about me. I almost lost myself and gave up but there was this one hand that came up from the disguise and helped me …. My own hand 

That little strength that was left that said no…I am not giving up right now. Maybe I listened to that voice of mine for first time in my life and I saw all those signs working for me. 

Like, there was this one day I was sad as usual for not being miss perfectionist then I went with my father to get some stuff. At night looking up the sky trying to answer all my questions of when? how? why me?,  I saw a crescent moon that time and felt something extremely weird

It was jealousy at the fact that she is so strong and unapologetic to people for her flaws.Despite of the fact that she isn’t always full people love and admire her . That day I understood that being perfect isn’t important, being your self is important.

Talking about loving yourself is easy. People often say that, but have you ever FELT , SENSED,OR TOUCHED that love. No, because we just say that when we feel good about ourselves. What about bad days? You cannot just hate yourself on your bad day and love it on good ones . YOUR DEMONS COME FREE WITH YOUR ANGEL. You cannot just love half of yourself . Learn to love yourself on bad days.

I am still learning to appreciate the parts of me that nobody claps for …….. 


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