You walk like the wind
blowing towards eternity
like a river you flow
so transparent and free
Tell me ma, is it my attachment
breathing in me
or is it my desire
that separates you from me?
Ma, take my desires away for I
love you more than any desire I know
break my attachments apart for I
seek you more than any attachment I know
and if it is my ego Ma,
that keeps this distance perennial
then burst that too, so that I
never have to remain away from you
empty my sinful cup where
lays every filth of mine
fill it with your divine love
making me forever thine
for you are the one I am seeking
stuck within the wheel of time.

PS – This poem is published in my book Songs of the Cherry Blossom. It is one of my favorite poems of mine so far, so I felt like sharing this with everyone.