My third stage of life

Looks at me intently

Like a reflection of the mirror.

Like moon reflection in clear waters

Like my shadow reflecting back to me

They all voice their concern mincing every word and declare.

You have grown old my dear lady!

I jerk up as if from a slumber,

Look at them one by one.

‘What did you just say old’?

Ha Ha! I laugh it off jerking my hands in the air

Then you have not known me any better still.

Age is just a number you see.

It is the heart that matters most.

Listen to me dear, ‘Friends’

Moon, Shadow and the  Mirror reflection.

I will grow old no doubt with wrinkles all over.

But I am young at heart,you know.

Like a song of the lark

Like a rainbow up

in the sky .

Like an exuberance of a youth

I assure you dear friends

A Youngster I shall remain

Till the last whiff of my breath.

Let’s join hands and sing that peppy song…

‘Yellow ribbons around the old oak tree.’

See didn’t you feel the spark of a youngster in your heart.

That’s the trick..I share with you

Be a youngster at heart

And you shall remain as young as can be.

Never again utter this word ‘Old’ in front of me.

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