Your Divine Hands :

I see You in the Majestic Mountains
     Stretching far and wide,
    I see You in the gurgling rivers,
     Flowing past, waving goodbye.

I see You in the chirping birds,
    Fluttering hurriedly, here and there,
   Bringing a smile to those that care to stand and stare.

 I see You in the gorgeous flowers,
    With their sprightly colours, swaying   dance,
Who could have crafted such a wonder,
Other than Your Divine hands?

I see You in the humming bees,
    From dawn to dusk they labour,
    Only to offer their sweet produce,
For all the world to savor.

I see You in the velvet clouds,
    As they descend from their heights,
   Caressing the trees, kissing Mother Earth.
    A sight so  priceless,
Beyond all of man’s material worth.

I see You in the glorious trees,
    Standing tall and high,
Swaying happily in the breeze
As they sing You a lullaby.

They are a witness to man’s fathomless greed,
As he goes about plundering,
Your resources beyond his needs.

Why does man not understand?
He’s but a toy in Your Divine Hands.

With Koti Koti Pranams…

Keshav Om