Jai Sri Hari Everyone,


It’s a Tuesday morning at work, and I was finding some motivation to kickstart my day. I went back to the quote I discovered a year ago and recalled it every time I see any challenge.


पत्थर पहले खुद को पत्थर करता है उसके बाद ही कुछ कारीगर करता है ~ मदन मोहन दानिश

A stone first needs to become a stone before the artist can create anything out of it.

Swami is an artist; I am sand that needs to be hardened like a stone so that he can create artwork from it.

If possible, share something personal is in your native language. An English translation can help others grasp its meaning. 


It’s beautiful how the same quote can mean different things to various individuals. I am hoping we can inspire each other. Let me end with another quote that preaches the fighting spirit. 

“द्वन्द कहां तक पाला जाए और युद्ध कहां तक टाला जाए। तू है परशुराम का वंशज, फेंक जहां तक भाला जाए”

You cannot escape war and conflict forever. Your ancestors were warriors, so swing for the fences. 

Sometimes, this is critical when you are tired of being nice and want to put your foot down. 

Hope you all have a lovely Deepawali.