O noble Lord
to this poor soul
You’ve in your stride
granted an extraordinary life
of service and prayer
your untold blessings as snow
have fallen on the jagged
edges of my numerous flaws

In my quiet moments
I thank You for your virtues
for the goodness of your heart
that shines like the moon
pristine and soft
on my troubled thoughts
it’s in remembering who You are
life dances like a shy maiden

As You invoke the sacred fire
inviting the Mother Goddess
this motherless soul
is yoked to You
for You alone are deliverance
to the ones drifting
in this endless sea of death
and sorrow

Not from a place of sadness
do these verses flow
Your blessings have drained
year after year
the last vestige of pain
if there’s anything inside of me
it’s a deep gratefulness
for your many mercies

How does one propitiate You
offer worship in your holy feet
water flowers sandalwood
is pure
but what of the imperfections
I carry in me
to be in your godlike presence
is to see greatness up close

A hundred years and a hundred more
will pass
yet You’ll live in their hearts
in your writing
in your talks
the new world will find solace
those who’ll pray to You
will be granted eternal peace

Oh beautiful Bhagwan
protector of the dying and the sick
there’s no greater joy
than singing your glories
I pray that till my last breath
like Rishi Narada the name of Lord Narayana
You O holy master
remains upon these lips