I saw the sky
as dusk came knocking
at the heels of twilight
it was no longer blue
it had lost its colour
and found character
the sharp brilliance was gone
the pretty clouds too
dim stars stuck to the roof
in the evening haze
it’s as if the sky had aged
a youthful child had come of age.
Oh how I marveled
what had changed
was this quietness always there
the age-old wisdom
the stillness in the air
the thought-clouds had all disappeared
as the mist settled on the peaks
a lone thought lingered
and that was You.
All the days work deeds misdeeds
in a single morsel
the dusk swallowed
on the busy streets of my mind
there was no honking now
etched in bold letters
was gratefulness now
I think back and wonder
was it the wind
the stoic mountains
or your sweet name ringing in the air
that turned my conscious sky
to a holy shrine
there was no light
but there You were burning steadily
as a temple lamp
under the grey sky
I felt You, God
a smiling presence
You bore right into my heart
now the dusk of my life
and the dawn of my soul
I lay at your feet, O divine Lord
from dusk until dawn
You reign supreme
You reign supreme…


image credit – @Anand Om SBA