Writing with awareness and an empty mind.

Zen writing is the art of being without thinking and when wisdom dawns from emptiness; noting it with care for it is beautiful.


Only when you put pen to paper and face difficulty in it do you realize how much clarity you had in your head.


When the mind is empty and aware; you are like a Buddha; nothing can tempt you at that time.


Thoughts are directly related to one’s eye movements and emotions to breathing pattern.


Nothing holds any value in life or everything holds immense value are one and the same thing.

It’s you who add meaning to the emptiness of creation or subtract meaning from the beauty of creation.


Not knowing is the most intimate.


Slowly-slowly the more aware you become of your body the various tensions it holds will vanish and the body becomes restful even during intense activity.


Breathing in and out…

As awareness grows….

An sensational, addictive aroma arises…

This is taste of the divine.


Beauty is in depth

Not on the shore.

All words are shallow

As beauty is inexpressible.


When empty; sounds will reach you

When empty; fickleness and negativity will leave you.

When empty; man becomes woman.


If you can’t do it beautifully,

without worries, anxieties and negativity

You don’t know the art.


Almost all of human’s suffering is due to man’s ignorance of how to breathe properly.


Breathing mindfully is beautiful.


Awareness burns all tendencies.



Photo by Sam Lion from Pexels