Most of us were born in houses with a two wheeler as the mode of commuting of the main bread earners ,So the mode of transport most of the time were bikes ,two wheeler scooters or The Moped too! At times it was the traditional black bicycle with a baby seat in front and carrier on back too. With Lamreta scooters to Bajaj vespa ,chetak and Bullet and yezdee motor cycles to hero honda and Yamaha as a wedding or dowry gift or for financially stable ,a gift for their sons first day at college , two wheelers have been an integral part of our life. Based on my years spent as a pillion rider with my father on our lovely mustard coloured 2 wheeler scooter who was my brother and named Chanchal, i write here some type of pillion riders i noticed ,u can add to the list in comments and categorise yourself too…. 1) Side saddle.. These are mostly female pillion riders sitting gracefuly behind their husband ,father ,brother or office colleague with a purse hanging on their shoulder! That seems normal ,but if a man sits behind a man as side saddle ,our conditioned mind mocks it! 2)Grip the rider tight…in slanting single seater, two wheelers the pillion rider grips the Rider tight for fear of falling or keeping balance. 3) Informer…they keep doing commentary..
Bus aa rahi hei ,dekho speed breaker hei 200 meter ahead, khadda hei 5 fly over baad.
4) Panic rider…they keep fearing anxiously and keep saying dheere chalao koi jaldi nahi ,aaram se chalo,kyaa jaldi parri hei! 5) Honey mooning love birds…these are either newly engaged ,newly wed or new love birds ,they do all cochee cooing .
..6) Gymnast…they keep twisting and turning their body as corners or slim galees come . 7)Direction compasses…they sit on back as pillion rider but keep extending their left or right arm in Direction the two wheeler will go in. 8) Down to earth…they are very bothersome for rider as they keep putting their feet on road as a stand for balance…………………………….9) Mobile addicts… they keep playing different games ,using watts app or even watching mpvies and hearing latest dinchak Pooja songs….Gazab kaa shooter hei mera scooter! Least concerned are they with traffic honking or destination. 10) abusers….They keep passing unparliamentary language to each over taker and making violent faces 11) Beauty parlour on wheels..they keeping combing their hair or checking lipsticks in a hand mirror. 12) Calculators…they keep asking mileage of the two wheeler ,how much petrol in how many kms as if algebra questions in R s.aggarwal. 13) Porters…they keep hanging all types od bag packs and Thailas on their shoullder ,on back or even stomach as santa clause making imbalancing rider a circuss trapese artist to manage walking in rope with a pole in hand. 14) Food enthusiastic…these r mostly small kids sticking to their fathers and informing every one on road..we are going for an ice cream ride. 15) Dhakka givers…they occupy most of the two wheeler seat pushing rider almost inside the handle ! Since i have enjoyed rain ,breeze and the hot burning seat of two wheeler in Jun of Delhi ,these are some of my first hand experiences. I request each member to add theirs too in comments.