A day at the zoo. Boy! there are so many animals. Cats are everywhere. Dinosaurs can’t be found at any of these though. Elephants are a beautiful sight. Friends are good company for such visits. Giraffes are one of the main attractions. Horses are rare to find though. I know we can see horses outside too. Just imagine, spending the whole day with these animals! Kangaroos sleep for 20 hours in a day! Lion is majestic and everybody wants to take a peak. Monkeys are of many varieties here. Not to forget the bears. Octopuses are in aquariums only. Perhaps I could spot a Panda on a bamboo tree. Quails are so common to spot. Rhinos are so giant and their horn can move tons in a fraction of seconds. Snakes give me an eerie feeling and I avoid them even in illustrations. Tiger is the king of the jungle and my favorite. Under this vast sky, live these creations of mother nature. Versatile in size, pattern and power! We can easily travel to the Mowgli world , while witnessing wildlife. Xerox copy of Hippopotamus is my annoying brother. You can find me and my sibling making fun of each other while watching the primates. Zoo is the place to be!