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This post isn’t about the summary of the meeting.

 All the times are in IST, unless specified.



UK participants attended the meeting at 3 am (UK time), hats off to your perseverance and dedication.

And also to the lazy Indian people (me pointing fingers at me) who managed to wake up and join the meeting probably just before Swamiji started speaking.


A Day Before Meeting

Swamiji had written in this post that the details of the Zoom Meeting in June will be provided in this post. With me adopting a carefree attitude and living in grand delusion, assumed that the meeting time will be the same as previous ones (9am). How naive of me?, little did I know what was about to come.

On Saturday, 5th June, I logged in to and straight-away clicked at Swamiji’s post, reading, reading, reading, and finally reached the end to find the announcement.


Join me on 6-Jun at 7:30 am IST, read the announcement.

The task just got harder for the lazy crocodile like me (you’ll know in a minute) and probably others also. Now I began the preparation to convince my mind to wake me up early, at least 6 am, so that I can be prepared in advance. The whole day I was giving suggestions to my mind – I’ve to wake up at 6 am anyhow, no matter what time I sleep. So I finally managed to lay down on the bed around 11:45 pm, telling my mind for the final time that I’ve to wake up anyhow at 6 am.

 I fell asleep in under 5 minutes and woke up exactly at 6 am, thanks to the mobile alarm. Mission accomplished. If only it was that easy. 😒😒


Thoughts : Hahaha, this lad thinks we will let him sleep easily, watch this space. (evil laugh intensifies)

Mouse : Well I think I should join you in making sure that this lad doesn’t fall asleep easily. 🐁

Me : You guys have to choose this day only! 😠😠


With me tossing and turning in bed due to involuntary and incessant thought train running in my head, coupled with mouse hell bent on making noises, I finally somehow managed to fall asleep around 1:15-1:30 am.

Not everything goes according to our plan, does it? After plenty of alarms, I woke up at 6:30 am, and as you know that after waking up, it takes our mind at least 5-10 minutes to properly settle after the sleep. With a race against the time and battle against the incessant thoughts bombarding the mind, I just managed to join the meeting with sleepy eyes, just in time. (Of Course, I did take a bath 🛀)


During the Meeting


The Task

Swamiji, in the last Zoom meeting of the March, with the goal of increasing our willpower, gave us the task of either going to bed 40 minutes earlier than our normal time or waking up 40 minutes earlier than our usual waking time. With folks possessing humongous willpower, they had an option to do both the tasks.


Meeting Starts

Jump forward to the poll, now it was time to answer the questions honestly. After a minute or so, Swamiji shared the poll results.

32% did neither-was the answer, of the sleeping challenge question.

There was a beaming smile on my face after seeing the results. I was delighted that I didn’t leave alone my fellow 32% members who didn’t manage to do the task.  After all, I try my best to adhere to my favorite football club anthem – You’ll Never Walk Alone (YNWA), then how could I leave my members alone?


Mind Games

Now let me tell you why attending the meeting at 7:30 am was like a mountain to climb for me.

Our mind is a peculiar instrument – harder to understand, even harder to make it operate on our terms. It has a tendency to oppose our intentions and actions.

It managed to alter my sleeping schedule completely – not only I slept 45-60 minutes later than my usual sleep time, I also woke up around an hour later than the usual schedule. 🙈🤦‍♂️( Swamiji must be chuckling, you all can join too 😂)


Redemption Time

Ok, enough self-banter, now it’s time to lift the spirits.

Though I didn’t succeed in doing the task given to us, I made sure that I did something else – which is less taxing and will consume less of (and subsequently build) my willpower. With that in my mind, I am journaling since the last 55 days and counting. The idea was to choose something less daunting, so that our mind won’t resist doing it and then take harder challenges. 



If you have greater willpower, you will be able to come out of the trap of negative emotions easily, tendencies will find it hard to overpower you etc. If I remember correctly, Swamiji said something along these lines in the meeting. This got me thinking some of the incidents in my life where it has been proven true. It was relatively easier to do what I needed to do. Now, it isn’t. So the process of building my willpower has started again. Are you building your willpower?


Thank you everyone for your time. 🙏🙂



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