I have tried to paraphrase the Zoom Satsang that took place on 14 March at 9:00am by Gurudeva’s grace alone. Those who had missed the satsang hope this reading will be helpful to you. We know how HIS exact words impact us. Here what you are going to read is not probably His exact words. I had tried to write down His sayings during the satsang for myself alone to keep reflecting on them in near future. I had written it in brief but have thought to share it with you so that if anyone had missed the satsang can feel the same amount of security, same amount of love, same amount of His loving presence in his/her life. Here it is…


What to loose anyway? There is nothing to loose.

Whatever be there in your life, there is one person in the corner of this world who is never going to judge you, who is never going to punish you. There is one person who is standing for you. And thats me. And the Ashram doors are always open for you.

You have to fill yourself with some faith, hope and beauty.

If you lost a job, you will find another.

It will pass. Have faith on the wisdom of the universe.

I am here for you. This is my only motive to be in this world. You are not alone. Whatever that worth me for that I am with you.

I love people who are honest and truthful. There is nothing I want from you other than truth. Truth brings kindness.

Om Swami is with you. Whatever challenges Life throws at you, you are not alone. You can count on me. I always mean what I say.

I love you all  

Thank you! 

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Jai Sri Hari!🌸💮

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