You have probably read about the Law of Attraction. It talks about how to get from the universe whatever you want, that, you can attract love, wealth, good people, and many other things into your life. Many a time people approach me and ask for my opinion about the whole theory of the Law of Attraction and if there is any truth to it.

They ask me if it is really possible to manifest, to attract, to get exactly what we want. And if it is, where are they going wrong, why are their dreams still unfulfilled? They tell me they have not done any bad karma (really!?), that they have practiced visualization as per the Law of Attraction book and yet they are exactly where they do not want to be.

The Secret Power of Giving and the Law of Nature

Let me share a secret with you: You only ever get what you give. You give money, you get money; you give love, you get love; you give appreciation, you get appreciation, and so forth. Once you start giving something, not only do you start getting that back, but much more. And, Nature always returns multifold. This is the unfailing Law of Nature, you must be willing to part with what you wish to attract.

The Law of Attraction and the Law of Nature

If you have ever been to the mountains, you may have experienced the echo phenomenon. Whatever you say out loud, it is said back to you multiple times.

The more you shout, the louder it comes back to you. This is the law, the fundamental principle. If you shout me, me, me, the universe shouts back at you me-me-me-me-me… If you say, I want money, it says I-want-money, I-want-money, I-want-money… If you shout give me love, it echoes back give-me-love, give-me-love, and so forth. Nature’s magnitude is much greater than yours. By shouting, you cannot win. The more you want, the more it wants too.

Once you start to give, it starts to give you back. When you start to say, I want to give, it says back I-want-to-give multiple times, when you shout I am grateful, it shouts back I-am-grateful… When you say, I don’t want anything, it also says back I-don’t-want-anything… You sow one kilogram of rice, you get four kilograms back. You can only ever reap what you sow and you can do so only after you have sown it.

I have been out of the ashram for the past few days. I had to visit a dentist to get my sensitive gums treated. I often ate snow while in the Himalayas and that perhaps made the situation worse. It was my first visit to this particular dentist. A periodontist, he had a state-of-the-art clinic.

He was passionate, knowledgeable, spoke kindly, informed me well about the process, and treated me with care and compassion. The treatment was finished in two sittings. At the end of it, when I tried to pay for it, he would not accept the payment. He said the vibes he got from me were his payment, that, he saw this as an opportunity to do some good, to do some service. I practically pleaded to pay. Predominantly because I have never accepted donations of money or material gifts for any personal needs.

I try not to keep what can be given. Nothing burdens me more than taking material gifts. But, he was adamant. After much to-ing and fro-ing, he accepted a partial sum.

Clearly, his karma has been registered in the universe. He is bound to get a thousand percent back. I know for a fact that this dentist is going to roll in money in the future; not because he offered to give, but with the sentiments and nobility he did so. This is how Nature operates. He gave without expectation and Nature will give him back without condition. He was willing to give from what he worked for, he was keen to share, Nature, therefore, will also part with the same, give him the same. You may want to read about the Spirit of Service

If you are just living for yourself, it is amateurish to even try the Law of Attraction, a little too ambitious to expect that Nature will give you anything just because you are asking for it.

If you cannot spare even a dollar for a noble cause, at least, you can spare some kind words, compassion, appreciation. If you cannot fill anyone’s pockets with money, perhaps you can fill someone’s heart with love. Nature does not require your money. It does not operate on money, it sustains itself on love and compassion. If you do your part, it always does its. By giving you become worthy of receiving.

What is more important to you: getting what you want or receiving what you need, being careful about what you have, or being careworn about what you lack? Giving makes you light. When you give, the Law of Attraction starts to work for you.

If Nature chooses you as a medium to give, you are one fortunate person. To get what you want, you must start giving it first. And, learn to exercise patience. Nothing happens in a jiffy in the play of Nature.

To attract iron, you must become a magnet, to attract bees, you need to become a flower. There is no room for artificiality. Genuinely be the magnet, and you will attract naturally.


Editorial Note

Made immensely popular by Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret, The Law of Attraction talks about how our thoughts can change our lives and transform our destiny.

The most popular law of attraction concept is the power of visualization. In other words, imagine intensely what you desire and manifest it. In combination with the principle of giving that you’ve read above, attaining what you want is very much a reality! Because, after all, it’s all within us.

Just take a step into the world
with something new.

Follow your heart and open up your mind.
Leave it all behind.
Focus and redefine.

Breathe it in and let it go.
This is living.

Find your love and find your soul.
It’s more than just existing.
Look around, it’s manifesting within you.

Just focus on your inner thoughts
Remember gratitude, thank your friends and family too

Let’s see the world and how it manifests.

Take it in, release the tension,
you are manifesting.

Love yourself and find your peace.
You’re manifesting.

The lyrics to You are manifesting sum it up perfectly. What is the law of attraction? It’s the secret to love, peace, and a better version of ourselves.



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The FAQs below give you more information on this fascinating, intriguing theory.

How is the law of attraction different from thinking positively?

The nobility of intention is not a concept your mind understands. It is the concentration of thought that matters, the more concentrated a thought, the stronger it is.

From the perspective of manifestation, moral purity is not the most important factor, it is the intensity and persistence of the thought. It’s not about positive or negative thoughts. Whatever you focus on resolutely, without any doubts in your mind, starts to manifest in your life.

Of course, your actions aid that manifestation. And there is your law of attraction!

Let me share with you a beautiful story from the Bhagavat Purana, a Hindu scripture narrating the glories of Krishna and his various incarnations. It may help you understand better How to Attract.

What are the principles behind the law of attraction?

  • Part 1 – The Human Body: Let’s say there are 37 trillion cells in our body. Each cell in our body has local intelligence. Every single cell, in some ways, is an independent unit in its own right. It has a membrane that functions quite like our brain.
  • Part 2 – The Universal Body and Us: We are an exact replica of what surrounds us. There is roughly 70% water on earth and there’s 70% water in our body. There are countless stars in the universe, and we have countless pores on our skin. We (all living species) are for the universe what cells are for our body — a fundamental building block.
  • Part 3 – Attracting the Universe: The law of attraction is based on seeking the attention of the universal body. Its scale is infinitely larger than ours though — like an ant trying to stop an elephant in its tracks. What is a lifetime struggle for an average human being is simply but a momentary effort for the universal consciousness.

But there is more to the Secret of Collective Consciousness.

Why does the law of attraction never work for me?

A few days back someone, a worker at the lowest rung of the corporate ladder, told me that he’d always had a tough time with people at work. “No one likes me,” he said. “Despite my right intentions, why do I attract the opposite?”

It’s not just his plight but many people I meet end up doing (or getting) the exact opposite of what they intended.

Our fulfillment, however, does not come from how many people like us. How fulfilled you feel in your life is directly proportional to where you invest your energy.

You put your energy into negativity and destructive thoughts will consume you. You invest it in creativity and positive thoughts will enhance your sense of well-being. This is the law of attraction in a nutshell.

I’m not talking about the grand ideas of realizing your dreams and all that. I’m simply alluding to the art of attention. That is, you draw energy from whatever you focus on.

So, to know how to use the law of attraction, first learn How Not to Attract.

What are the steps to manifest my desire?

To manifest your desire:

  • Visualize it happening. Live it, daydream it. How will you feel when it happens, what will you do — think of all the details, emotions, and feelings.
  • Create a ritual.
  • Some people have a vision board. Some write down their desires. Some say it to the universe.
  • Whatever you do, back it up with honest intention.
  • Our brain is connected to the universe’s consciousness. If you communicate your desires in a rested state, all the universe will conspire to make it happen for you.
  • Have faith it will happen.
  • Don’t forget to act. Take action; nothing can substitute that.

The easiest way, however, is to give to the universe what you want. That’s when the law of attraction works best.

Here are more tips, tricks, and stories on How to Manifest.

What is the link between the law of attraction and karma?

Why do bad people still seem to attract good things? How does the law of attraction work when karma is also prevalent in the universe?

The video below speaks in detail about the law of attraction and its connection with karma.

YouTube video


  • 0:53: Right and wrong
  • 1:52: How does the law of attraction work?
  • 5:47: Judging other people
  • 6:54: Don’t accept defeat against the law of attraction


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