“All I have to do is think real hard about something—and it happens. My two daughters really wanted to live in a brownstone when they were younger. But I was a second-grade teacher, so I could never afford it. One Christmas I went to the store and got them a brownstone dollhouse.

“It was a big joke in our family: ‘Mom finally got us a brownstone.’ Even though I was laughing, I’d started thinking hard about getting a real brownstone. Around that time, the city decided it would be holding its first-ever brownstone lottery. I put in our name.

“My husband thought I was crazy. On the night of the draw, I was attending a seminar across town. Somebody brought me the phone, and on the other end, my daughter is screaming that the lottery people called. We won a brownstone!…. The entire façade of the house lit up. And I couldn’t breathe. My heart stopped. Because it was a giant version of the dollhouse in my living room.” I read Grandma Dawn’s heartfelt story on the Humans of New York’s page, a few weeks ago.

I have experienced the law of attraction or manifesting my desires several times. There have been many instances when what I wished for, I got. I wrote about manifesting Michael Phelps in my life. That meeting was in the making for 15 years in the universe. Last evening, I wrote a long email to my spiritual guide, who I respect and adore immensely. In that mail, I listed 15 things that I have manifested, from getting dream jobs to getting the husband of my dreams (I should have thought harder about a few frills though… lol).

I even manifested Swamiji! That is a story for another time.

It is surreal how the universe has worked as my genie all these years to manifest my desires. To get me things, people and opportunities exactly as I had wished for.

How do I do it? Do I know any secrets to materialise thoughts? Do I actively practice the law of attraction? Is The Secret my Bible? Truth be told, I don’t know. And I don’t think I ever finished reading The Secret — that viral book about the law of attraction. I found it excessively repetitive. But I had hoped to meet the author someday. On the 10th anniversary of the book, I got an opportunity to virtually meet Rhonda Byrne, the author of The Secret. However, I passed it on to my reporter then.

I don’t know how I keep getting the things I think about. Call it good luck or sheer grace!

Growing up, I watched a documentary on Discovery about a psychologist who could answer people’s questions when he was asleep. He often said that all the answers are in the universe and anyone could learn to access the knowledge with practice. Our mind is connected to the universe and with each other. If we practice, we could plant ideas in other’s minds and access their thoughts. It requires calming down the brain so that it can hear the answers. When he was half-asleep, his conscious and subconscious mind could communicate.

Later, I read The Silva Mind Control Method. Jose Silva offers a step-by-step guide to creating a life of desire in the book. He calls it tapping the right side of the brain. His method is about bringing the frequency of the brain down consciously to access the power of the subconscious mind. An essential tool of the Silva Method is detailed visualisation.

All the books I ever read and all the things I ever heard or saw about attracting what one intends, ask for the same thing — visualise what you want with faith and intention. 

Perhaps that could explain my good luck. I am a daydreamer. The moment I hear about an idea or I have a thought, I start living it. For instance, if I read about a lottery, I start imagining what I would do with the prize money, even before buying the ticket. That’s just my default setting.

Most of the things I wanted are the things I believed existed and were within my reach. My natural mode is to start daydreaming about the things happening without factoring in the ‘what if I don’t’. I get so excited I forget that it might be next to impossible to get what I desire most of the time. That probably saves my faith from being diluted.

Sometimes. I leave a thought in the universe and let the powers it wields work for me. I don’t do that consciously, it just happens. It’s like when I was watching Wild Wild Country on Netflix and I said it would be awesome to meet Ma Anand Sheela, the redoubtable stateswoman at Osho’s Oregon commune. And a few months later, I met her! Author James Clear might call this the art of attention. I would probably say that there might be some method to this magic.

To manifest your desire:

  • Visualise it happening. Live it, daydream it. How will you feel when it happens, what will you do — think of all the details, emotions and feelings.
  • Create a ritual. Grandma Dawn thinks about whatever she wants at 4:30 in the morning.
  • Some people have a vision board. Some write down their desires. Some say it to the universe. 
  • Whatever you do, back it up with honest intention.
  • Our brain is connected to the universe’s consciousness. If you communicate your desires in a rested state, all the universe will conspire to make it happen for you.
  • Have faith it will happen.
  • Don’t forget to act. Take action; nothing can substitute that.

The easiest way, however, is to give to the universe what you want. Swamiji says the universe echoes our thoughts and actions. So, if you want money, give money. It will come back manifold. I have listed that article below.

Here are a few tried-and-tested tips from os.me community on attracting what you want.

How to manifest the life of your dreams? Here are a few tried-and-tested tips from os.me community on attracting what you want. tell a friend

Transformative Ideas

The Fallen Page: John Clark asked God to show him the truth about the law of attraction. And He did! Intention + emotion = manifestation, Clark writes. And he sheds more light on the importance of the vision board, as he discussed the first ‘vision board’ he discovered in the Bible.  

Surya Namaskar to Manifest Desire:  Surya Namaskar is an excellent asana that has several benefits. Here’s one that you wouldn’t have heard of: Jayshree Om used the Surya Namaskar practice to manifest prosperity. This is one fantastic story, from a life falling apart to going to United Nations as a delegate! Jayshree offers a personally tested step-by-step guide.

Journal Reflections: Gratitude journaling is a way to multiply blessings and manifest joy. Aditya Shahi shares a few of his learnings from his journaling journey that started 5-6 years ago. The most important one is that it lit up his “path with joy, happiness and a lot more”.

Isn’t Life All About Passion: Leave wishful thinking behind, get passionate about your wishes, and the universe will come together for you. Sandeep wanted to win a competition in college because he desperately wanted to win the award — his favourite books. He prayed fervently, and every molecule of his body wished for it. But one of the competitors looked like a runaway winner. What happens next?

The Power of Thoughts: Pawan Tikar shares the prerequisites for the thoughts to materialise through this beautiful story. Concentration, detailed visualisation, faith, and projecting mental and emotional energy into the mental scene — read on to see how a yogi put these to use.

My Experiment with The Secret: Prahalad Rajkumar was on the fence about the law of attraction as mentioned in The Secret. He decides to test one of the principles impromptu with, wait for it, his spouse! Whoever takes that chance in the middle of an argument with your wife. Read it to find his findings…   

The Missing Keys: Wishing for things is great. But sometimes you already have the item you are wishing for, yet you can’t see it. I mean, we have all misplaced our keys, we have all forgotten where we left our phones and then give missed calls, et cetera, et cetera. Suchali Lotlikar shares a mnemonics trick to find things you already have. Save that manifestation exercise for something else.

Believe in Yourself!: Even before you believe in your visualisation, believe in yourself. What you have or have does not define you. Riddhima Sharma’s blog is a great reminder as you wait for your desires to manifest. 

To make the law of attraction work, be mindful of this essential aspect. tell a friend

Wisdom From Swamiji

The Law of Attraction: Tired of fads and bootcamps promising to teach the art of manifesting desires? Here’s the real deal. The best spiritual leader, Om Swami, shares the most essential aspect of the law of attraction. Here’s how to make it work.

How Not to Attract: Find yourself attracting the exact opposite of what you intend? Swamiji expands on the idea that “you draw energy from whatever you focus on”. Read on for a practical mantra.

Quote of the Week

Be careful what you set your heart upon — for it will surely be yours.

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Now, let me light some aroma candles (I love the ones from Guru Om) to create the ambience, and think about getting ₹177crore, itna toh manifest hohi jayega na!

For our next editorial, I am looking for some useful hacks — could be related to life, everyday living, meditation, habit formation, parenting, marriage, winning arguments, self-improvement, et cetera. 

I close this editorial wishing abundance for you. May you manifest good things, thoughts, and joy. Meanwhile, what is your most surreal manifestation story? Drop in the comment section. 

Until next…

PS: We have a challenge coming up. Watch this space!