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    “You are a coward “!! The voice in my head refused to be silenced. Everyone has their fair share of relatives who are judgmental- often harsh- petty— the list is endless. If you are lucky these relatives stay far away and visit you occasionally- not for long and a few days after they leave,you are able to get your peace of mind back. I have one relative who visits regularly and is always condescending and finding fault with everything I do. As he is free ( I am sure his family must be fed up with him too) he visits us often. His constant criticism was taking a toll on my mental health and after reading many books on how to handle difficult people I approached him and politely explained to him that I am trying my best and he shouldn’t  be critical of me all the time as it was affecting me negatively. To put it politely- he didn’t take this very well.  Recently when he was very sarcastic and critical about my housekeeping skills , I complained to my friend who is like a sister to me.   Her response shocked me – “ you are a coward!! Give it back to him in his language- then he will understand. Every time he is rude – you just cry it out in the bathroom but don’t have the guts to give it back”. My friend’s criticism cut through to my heart. I thought I was making the ultimate sacrifice by not answering back to him- after all he was at 10 years older than me. I didn’t realize that I was loosing my respect in the eyes of  my friends who considered me to be a coward. I still don’t know how to handle this situation but I guess I need to do something ASAP. Any suggestions??? Feel free to vote 😊😊

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