Shalini's writings

My Friendship Day

A special greeting card

Daag Acche Hain

A story when i fought with men and challenged their system

कैसे मैं तुम्हें पाऊँ

My offering on Guru Poornima- A poem with english translation

My Guru

Someone who changed me and he is not any Swami

Irreparable Dent

How parental interference affects the marriage of a child

Was That Grace?

My trip to Shridi and who helped us?

Kidnapping is Real

How to make kids aware

The Devil Mind

Covid-Fear and overthinking can be disastrous

Maine Dekha Hai

A hindi poem with english translation

An Unforgettable Experience

When I actually saw something

Hope and Grace

My daughter’s illness and recovery

Big Dreams

Too much ambition is dangerous

A Friend

Life is all about the choices we make

Courage and Conviction

How i felt about Nikita Kaul becoming Lieutenant

When Nature Guides You

A day of coincidences

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