Jai Sri Hari everyone.

I hope you all are doing well.

I was missing in action from os.me for quite some time.

Let me tell you few honest reasons for that.

The first reason being, fortunately or unfortunately, I got my hands on the stocktaking of life (a wonderful assignment given to all of us by swami ji in his one of the zoom meet) few months back and realised, os.me was not in the even top 10 priorities of my life.🙄

The top five included spending quality time with my daughter and family, working on personal well being, reading more books, learn piano and make money. (the last two I have absolutely given up because I have realised ki humse naa ho payega😂)

Further I had lot of travels planned where I fell severely sick, many times, almost on every special occasion and took a lot of days to recover. Still the recovery mode is on.

Other factor that kept me busy was my counselling sessions, including to few wonderful fellow co devotees. I feel really blessed, all is his grace, that I can bring some relief to people’s life by my comforting words. I genuinely wish to help as many people as I can.

Also for some reasons, I watched so many old videos of swami ji, specially the older ones. The maximum being 16 videos in a day at a stretch. (That day family had to order meals from outside and I had to compensate in time and gifts for my daughter later 🤪)

While going through swami jis videos I realised the importance of story telling. I remember stories more than the teachings that story may had. And that’s the wonderful thing about swami ji that he doesn’t preach at all and narrates the story in a way that everyone can take their lessons as per their level of understanding, readiness and consciousness.

Recently my daughter asked for comic books and when I took her to store, she chose 16 books from amar chitra katha collection. Trust me I am enjoying reading them more than my daughter.

She feels insecure that her mom is going to add all her books in her own  library collection one day..

Silly she.😏.of course I am going to do that ..😆

With all these videos and amar chitra katha books I have come to conclude that our mythological tales from various puranas, shashtras, mahabharata and Ramayana have so much to teach us and the learning is precious and life changing.

Thanks for making it till here and you must be thinking what’s the point of sharing this post is?

Well I consider you all part of my family and few fellow bloggers here are kind enough to check upon me so I decided to give a lengthy update.🙃

I will still be occupied with many more things in near future but will try to share the stories which I will read. It will be purely for a good read and take our lessons as per our understanding.

I still believe Os.me is the best and kindest community in today’s time and I sometimes miss visiting it like before as I feel I am in love with this platform but kya karein grihasthon ke liye aur bhi priorities hain zindagi me mohabbat ke siwa😄

Love you all. Tight hug to everyone here. 🤗.  Happy Valentine’s Day. 

Featured image: trying to find a balance in life😆

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