Though I do not like sharing too many posts in a month and don’t like back to back posts at all, but something beautiful happened today which I wanted to share with my family.

It was a lazy afternoon and along with my daughter, I was planning to nap. 

Suddenly I heard a child’s voice,  shouting “Aunty…..aunty…” Initially I ignored as I thought someone is playing in the compound of our neighbors who recently moved in. 

But the shout was continuous and I decided to check.

I saw 2 little kids standing on my main gate and calling me out.

This was so uncommon. In Nainital, where I live currently,  there is no way a beggar or such people can approach us as the place is quite isolated and covered with dense trees.  

So their arrival in the early evening was a surprise. In the past one year, no one has ever come to ask for anything.

Anyway, I saw 2 siblings, around 3 or 4 years old, a boy and a girl. They were wearing dirty clothes and absolutely in shabby conditions.

I asked lovingly “Why are you calling me?” The girl, who was older between the two, said that she wanted slippers.

I carefully observed that the girl was barefoot. As the temperature is around 5 degrees here, I felt bad but also helpless as I didn’t have any spare slippers and the only one I had, my daughter wears it.

Upon inquiring I got to know that the kids lost their mother a year ago and the father is a labourer, who was out for work. The girl was feeling cold so she thought of asking someone for slippers.

To compensate for the lack of slippers, I offered both the kids new pair of socks, balloons, toy cars, chocolates and a xmas cap along with a bat and a cute little helicopter.

The girl was visibly happy to receive so many things but she didn’t go. I asked what happened? And she replied that she still needed slippers.

I then jokingly said “Ok give all these things back to me and I will get you slippers.” And damn that little girl gave me back everything.  I was shocked and numb at how badly she needed those slippers. 

Unfortunately the closest shop is around 2 kms from my place and my husband,  along with car, was out somewhere. 

I really felt helpless and so bad that I am not able to help her. 

My daughter was listening to my conversation with these kids from the balcony.

Suddenly I saw her coming downstairs and I was shocked to see that she ran into her room on the ground floor and brought the only pair of slippers she had and happily offered them to the girl.

The girl jumped in joy and was running happily wearing the socks and the slippers.

Till she reached the road by crossing a steep slope, I observed her and she was singing, jumping, stopping, looking around then again jumping. As if she forgot how to walk. She was only running and jumping.

Without showing any emotion, i asked my daughter—“What will you wear now?”

My daughter politely told me—”We are richer than them. We can buy slippers again and today god made me give them joy. See the girl mom, she is dancing exactly like I dance when papa gives me something interesting. I did a kind act today.”

I had no words. I simply hugged her. I can’t express in words how grateful I am feeling that with HIS grace, my daughter is becoming kind and is able to understand the pain of fellow beings.

Hey prabhu, please guide my daughter so that she can become a better human being and be compassionate towards others.

Honestly I felt super proud that I am the mother of such a noble soul.  Swamiji has touched her once and I feel it is all his grace.

Swami ji, I don’t know what good karma I did to deserve so much grace. The more I thank you, the more I want to thank you.

Keep us all under your guidance.

PS: you know what was the name of those kids— Lakshmi and Suresh. I felt lord came to take test of my daughter and I am hoping that she passed it with flying colors. 

Jai Sri Hari