That is Olympian Vijender Singh in the header image. He is the Indian pugilist who made history. But, I’ll come to him later. First, meditation, meaning and more.  

Meditation is a practice which helps us reach a higher state of consciousness. To meditate is also to think deeply and carefully on a subject. This time, I have brought ways to help you improve your meditation practices. At the same time, this newsletter offers personal experiences which will motivate you to meditate on life, reflect on your course and make you mindful of your actions. In short, make life more meaningful.
I offer you 10 ways to improve your meditation practice and become more mindful tell a friend

7 Real Experiences or Meditations on Life

The Essence of Love: Why is it that we worship Hanuman while we don’t really worship Arjun? Snigdha Ganguly’s meditative piece answers such questions. And carries many insights, such as: ‘Absolute surrender is the hallmark of Bhakti’. Read now!

An Act of Rebellion: Sometimes, a simple act of creating just for the sake of creating could set one free. Kavana Anklekar reflects upon small things that have the power to liberate us.

Monster Hunting With US Customs Enforcement: John Clark writes about surviving sexual abuse as a child. As an adult, he helped US Customs Enforcement nab offenders. But what turns people into abusive monsters? How do people cope with the evilness they are subjected to? Find answers with the writer.

How I Got My Kids to Meditate: The generation of millennials is the most anxious generation in history. Meditation can help. I offer techniques and plans to help you get your kids started on the meditation journey.  

My 90-year-old Toddler: “Suddenly, the hugs which I had missed all my life from a child were right in front of me,” writes Payal K Talwar in this moving personal story. She adopted a 90-year-old ‘child’, and life found meaning.

Inside Out:Ultimately joy is only one facet of happiness. To realise true happiness, we need an amalgamation of all emotions, including sadness, anger, fear. Hari Nair shares insights on the sub-text of the film. Many lessons for all. 

100 Days of Meditation, No Suicide: At one point, Geethanjali Varanasi contemplated suicide. But she has lived to tell the tale of what 100 days of meditation did to her. 

Life-altering meditation techniques from the Himalayan Monk who has spent 20,000 hours in meditation tell a friend

Wisdom from the Himalayan Monk

Traṭaka — The Practice of Still Gaze: The Himalayan mystic offers a simple but very potent meditation practice of still gaze. Read about the secrets and profound effects it brings to your meditation. The life-altering technique from the yogi, try now!

Shravana – The Practice of Listening: Listen to the Himalayan monk and build listening skills in building a one-pointed concentration. It’ll open up possibilities for you.  

Perfect Your Meditation

The Art of Meditation: If you are a serious meditator or hope to master meditation, look no further. The course is by a realised monk who has spent 20,000 hours in meditation. You can do it sitting right at home.

I hope this newsletter helps you reflect and meditate on what needs doing.

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And, about Padma Shri Vijender Singh? Right. The Olympics pugilist is our next guest on Truth Be told. Watch this space for regular updates and snack videos of the boxing sensation.

The next newsletter will be themed ‘love’. I’d love to hear your experiences of how love changed you, where you found love and anything to do with love (such a cliché for February, I know, lol).

If you write on love, don’t forget to drop a line about your article in the comments below, I’d love to include those in the newsletter, and it will also help put all those at one place. How do you like the idea?

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