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All you have to do is read the newsletter through to the end and participate in the challenge. Because first, I bring to you a curated list of great reads and wisdom from Swamiji.

I offer you these life-transforming reads and a chance to win access to our popular Creative Writing course.  

I offer you these life-transforming reads and a chance to win access to our popular Creative Writing course tell a friend

Wisdom from Swamiji

The Secret of Happiness: The secret of a happy life lies not in a life free of challenges but a life of meaning. Swamiji unravels the secret of happiness and offers ways to embrace challenges.

How To Increase Brain Power?: Fancy building your brainpower? Swamiji offers three simple steps to harness the power of your brain. The possibilities are infinite!

10 Real Experiences

This time around I have 10 phenomenal picks because there are just so many amazing hacks, tips, and write-ups from our community of writers.

This Simple Trick Will Keep You Motivated Every Day: A little boy needs to grow up quickly when he and his younger sister lose their parents. I had a lump in my throat reading the heart-warming story. However, my mind quickly rejoiced upon learning an effective trick to keep oneself motivated. Aashman Trivedi’s hack has come in handy for many readers, especially during these work-from-home times when days melt into each other without much structure.

The Elephant and the Fly: How does one control the mind? By controlling attention. That simple. Pawan Tikar brings home the truth through a story he picked up in a book. O! My mind is beginning to rest from the restlessness already.

Noir: Midnight Blue: A group of dhoti-clad lathi-wielding men is aggressively looking for someone in the passenger cars of the train that’s about to leave the village station. As the train starts to chug, a distressed woman in a tattered saree, holding a baby close to her bosom appears from the bushes. A unique tribute to Mother’s Day by Kumar Rahul has all the makings of a good story.  

The High-Wire Act: A funambulism’s daring and unconventional art has many lessons to live life with zest. All of us dare to dream but very few dare to attempt, Prinayar’s write-up will hopefully motivate you to strive for it.

Why Do Dogs have Shorter lives than Humans?: A veterinarian is called to put down a pet dog. Everyone rues dogs live shorter lives. A bright six-year-old enlightens everyone when he gives an insight into why they live shorter lives. A story that has been shared generously on the internet, is reproduced on by DS for all. Many invaluable lessons for everyday life.

Positivity Hacks: Our mental, emotional, and energetic well-being has gone for a toss amidst all the chaos. But Komal R has some hacks to help ride the wave (even the second). And don’t miss out on her silent disco parties, she announces them regularly and they are super-fun! 

Every Writer’s Dream Place: What do writers want? To write and to be read. Riya Om states the obvious – is the best platform for anyone who ever wanted to be a writer. You get paid to write! You get wonderful readers. Don’t worry about the language accuracy. We got your back. Please read this piece from one of our writers, thank me later.  

The Joys of Reading: When he got off in New York, his cabbie turned out to be a boxer who quit the Indian team after the Atlanta Olympics. Akshay Iyer also runs into a Hebrew-speaking German who delivers food for a Jewish Deli… But this descriptive vignette is not about NY.  Akshay makes a strong case for reading as better than any other form of entertainment. This piece makes for beautiful reading material, too.

People versus Profit — Dilemmas from the Boardroom: After battling depression, Divya Vanshika managed to get back to a glorious corporate career. However, her company’s approach to business and the people who make it work, during pandemic times has left her with questions. Do you have the answers?

When will You Come: The love and longing of a heart yearning to become one with God again is beautifully captured by Sadhvi Vrinda Om – the award-winning writer, monk and authority on The Art of Devotion. This lyrical offering is a voice for all the emotions you’ve had in your heart.  

#OSdotMe Challenge: Get Social

Starting today, for the next few Wednesdays, I’ll bring a fun challenge in the weekly editorial. Participate and win amazing prizes from and a shout-out from me (I swear it feels great). Read on to participate in our first OSdotMe Challenge. Disclaimer: Exciting times ahead!

There’s a curated gift basket that the winners of Get Social Challenge get to choose from tell a friend

The first challenge starts today. It’s called Get Social Challenge

What’s up for grabs? There’s a curated gift basket that the winner and runners-up get to choose one item from, one by one. This week’s gift basket has: 1) 100% free access to the Creative Writing Course; 2) $50 in your OS Karma account; 3) Annual Membership (individual) – keep it or gift it.

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The decision of the OS.Me team will be final. Our next editorial will bring another super-cool competition.

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