Have you watched the movie, “The Walk”, on Netflix? It is based on the true story of the French wire walker Philippe Petit, who prefers to be called the high-wire artist. It is about Philippe’s passion for life and the certainties he had built in his young mind.

Philippe did not go to school. His mind was restless with arts, magic and high wire. He was thrown out of many schools, he says, “The street was my university.” He rebelled to follow his dreams, passion, to be different and all this in the early 70s. He acknowledges that he was not a normal child, he had high energy, a taste for the quest, things to do solely, very unusual for a kid but he believed in himself.

When friends and family ask Philippe why he does these death-defying stunts, he admonishes them by saying, “After a beautiful walk, I appreciate life.” Life is at its most valuable and most full when it is very close to the boundary of life.

Although Philippe acknowledges the dangers involved, he adds, “Faith is what replaces doubt in my dictionary.” Fear has its place on earth, but it should not be present when one is attempting something of consequence; it should be replaced with focus. If one has even an iota of doubt, one should take a step back, dream again, analyze, plan before execution. One must circumvent and overcome “the impossible” by being fearless.

All of us dare to dream but very few dare to attempt others do not lest they should fail. I would rather try and fail than not to try at all.

I end this with Philippe’s quote on challenges, “I focus, I invent, I transform, I challenge, I attempt, I observe, I perform”.

Thank you.