After the most-loved spiritual leader from India, Om Swami, dropped a surprise, it has been a week of introspection on the platform. His article infused energy and renewed our passion for the causes close to our hearts. If you give a damn about something, anything, today is the perfect time to do your bit for it.

Let June be the month when you live up to that vow.

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On that thought, here are our weekly picks from os.me bloggers:

Transformative Ideas

Who Am I: As the editor-in-chief of this platform, I get excited every time I see someone’s first blog. However, this one had me happier. Pankaj Kumar (@pkverma), the man at the helm of affairs, along with supremely talented Nikunj Verma is making os.me OSME. India Today hailed him as an inspiring business leader ready to create history. And he has decided to make his debut as a blogger on the platform. You will thoroughly enjoy reading this heart-warming piece.   

How We Lost 70% of Our Revenue?: A tiny inconvenience led to our favourite Sadhana App losing 70% of its revenue. The CEO of the Vedic Sadhana Foundation, Priyanka (@priyankaom), shares the quandary in this heartfelt note. Share your thoughts on how we can help this cause that needs our urgent and immediate attention.

What is the Right Thing to Do?Even if one discerns the proper action in a given context, why is it often so hard to act? That question led Bhaskar Aspari (@bhaskar) to share a grain of instrumental truth: ‘Stop trying to use your speech to get what you want.’ Then what instead? Read this quick blog for the answer.

The Power of Silence: When in a difficult situation, smile. When in the middle of an argument, go silent for a few moments. That’s the advice Naresh (@Naresh-N) offers in this blog after personally experiencing the benefit of this strategy.

Yamas: Evelyn (@evelyn) has decided to practice the eight stages as laid down by the great Indian sage Patanjali. She is practising each for a week. In this blog she shares her meditations on non-violence or Ahimsa. She wonders if it is possible to observe non-violence fully. What is your thought?

Can Meditation Change Our DNA?Meditation is an art and science. But is it potent enough to change our genetic makeup? Read what Zack Bazarnick (@zack) says on the topic, as he also shares “one of the scariest and most difficult lessons” he has ever learnt.  

The Forgotten Temple: Divya Pai (@drdivyapai16) went for a short, leisurely walk and came back having experienced a profound epiphany. She shares a few valuable ways to connect to the source.

Kara Darshanam: A beautiful way to begin your day as per the Vedic tradition is to meditate on your palms and ask Divine Mother for her guidance throughout the day for your actions, writes Vidisha (@vidisha). Here’s a prayer and the perfect way to carry out actions deliberately. 

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Here’s someone who beat all odds to make this world a better place. Tell your excuses that your determination and intention are way bigger.

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Om Swami Wisdom

Wake up! Time is Running Out!Legend has it that Buddha was once delivering a sermon in Jetavana and at the end, he said, “Wake up! Time is running out!” The gathering had a dancer, a thief, a wealthy man and Buddha’s disciples. They all walked out with a view. Here’s a thought-provoking piece from spiritual leader Om Swami. Walk away with the wisdom that works for you 🙂

The Purpose of Your LifePersistence + patience. Not just persistence but patience too. With persistence, we can keep walking one step at a time, but it is with patience that we do so gracefully. One bulb of Daffodil at a time can create a masterpiece. This inspiring piece from spiritual leader Om Swami is a timely reminder.

That’s it for today! Let’s spend this week doing something bigger than ourselves and meaningful. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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