Today, I decided to take a small walk in the evening. I had no destination to reach, it was just a little walk to nowhere. On the way, I spotted a board which pointed the way to a Bhagwati Temple. So I decided to go to the temple to see Mother.

The road was a steep downward winding road, lined by lots of trees and grass and a few dilapidated abandoned houses. Just behind an abandoned house was the temple.

I could not believe my eyes. The small gate leading to the temple was closed. The pathway to the temple was overgrown. There was practically no proper way to even reach the temple. It deeply pained me, to imagine that my Devi Ma must be sitting there in the temple, all alone, forgotten, with nobody visiting her, no one looking after her…

On the roadside, was an overripe jackfruit split open and in the process of decay, somewhat reminding me of the stage that our culture is facing. Slow death and decay. 

Na, not that Mother is desirous of love or worship. What can She desire for, She who is above this creation. But we, Her children who have been blessed with the privilege of being alive and enjoying so many pleasures that she has bestowed on us, we have forgotten to express gratitude to that very source.

Our time is spent in meaningless pursuits like social media, gossiping, unlimited hours are spent staring at a screen. We don’t mind spending money on ourselves, but when it comes to donating money for a cause, we have to “think” about it. We have time to go shopping and partying, but we don’t have time to go to a temple and spend some moments praying in peace. From morning to night we are engaged in meaningless pursuits, which do nothing but lead us further away from our very Source.

Our life is all messed up. All because we are no longer connected to our source. Our Divine Mother is still caring and loving. But when we are not calling out to Her, we are not crying for Her, she will not come… She is smiling and watching us, letting us have our way. After all, She has gifted us the choice of Free Will. So She wants us to make the choice of calling out to Her. Only then will She come… Only then will She manifest Herself…

It is difficult for a mind which is fully engaged in material pursuits to turn inwards… And actually, most people don’t even realise the futility of engaging in material pursuits without a spiritual backup… But one day, when all the material desires one could possibly have are fulfilled, that day one realises the deep void inside which can only be filled by connecting to our Source. No matter however long the course, ultimately, the river has to reach the sea. The river has no choice! So it is with us, so the earlier we realise, the easier life becomes…

So may I suggest some ways to connect with this source ?

* Spend a few moments every day talking to your source, just expressing your gratitude for the blessings that you have been bestowed with.

* Spending a few moments observing the beauty of this magnificent creation, the beauty of the sky, the trees, the plants and even little insects.

* Enjoying each breath for a few moments in a day. Just realising with pure joy that you are alive, with each breath you inhale and exhale.

* Practising kindness and empathy, by regarding every creation as coming from the same source as we ourselves, and hence it becomes our dharma to be kind.

These are just simple things to start with. As we start connecting with the source, the source starts revealing itself more and more. The path becomes clear with each step taken forward. Because as much as we want to go back to our Source, our Source wants us back…


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