I was in 11th standard when I decided to publish my first book. I had all the poems ready. I had the intent. But I didn’t have the INR 5000 that was needed to self-publish my book. I shared my situation with my best friend, Pooja. She heard me out patiently, hugged me and said, “Don’t worry. We will manage.”

I thought she was trying to make me feel better about the situation, like a lovely friend. The next day, she showed up with her silver chain and her elder sister’s ring. She put it in my palm and said, “Sell these and publish your book.”

All these years, and all these words, I still do not know how to thank her. Not even once did she ask me if the book would sell any copies or if we would recover her money. She wanted me to live my dream, and she was ready to do whatever she could to help me achieve that. That day I learnt an important lesson — true friendship is about believing.

I hope you have at least one Pooja who’d always be there for you. And, I hope you have been or will be your friend’s Pooja. True friendship is about showing up for your friends. It’s about being there for them no matter what!

Pooja and I grew up, and our lives went different ways. Yet, we know we are always there for each other even if we don’t talk to each other every day.

Family is precious, and good friendships are priceless. My friendships have shaped my life, for I was all of eight years old when I lost both my parents (I have written about my mom, father and granny on this platform, earlier). Ever since, my friends — various but all amazing ones — helped me navigate through. Therefore, I chose Meaningful Friendship as the theme for my editorial note.

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Isn’t that true, my friend?

Oh, and did I get my book published? Despite Pooja’s help, we couldn’t collect five grands. However, a few years ago, my wish manifested when Nikunj didi (@nikunjverma) sponsored it for me. It was no less than a miracle. You can check out the book on Amazon. And just like that, the universe gave me another guardian angel.

A meaningful friendship is a blessing. It’s comfort. It’s respect.

I have curated these os.me member posts around friendships. Take your pick!

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Dear os.me family, what does a meaningful friendship look like to you? I’d love to hear about your friends who left an impact on your life. Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. Before signing off, I’d love to share one of my favourite songs that has to be part of this Digestthis one.

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