Dear Self,

You are doing great . I like how ‘unique ‘ and ‘ different ‘ you are . It makes what you are . Don’t be afraid of showing your true self . It’s okay to have different  hobbies and interests . Just to remind you that you are are not what people say , but what you make you feel yourself . Don’t feel sad or have pessimistic thoughts  just because the circumstances or situations are different from what others are in .Everyone is trying to figure out something , trying to have a good time . 

You may  cringe at things at things you have done in the past , that too in the middle of the night  . It’s fine after all. There are people who believe in you . I think it’s not a bad decision to believe in yourself even it is once .(maybe you should listen to your friends for once , they are not wrong always. ) Stop thinking what others think about you ( maybe for even once ) Try to be confident ( Even a tiniest effort to do so would work ). Maybe you try stop judging yourself and let yourself be at ease .

You can be sad over some petty things . You may feel show your happy when you are not, but it’s not good to hold those emotions for too long . Release them .

It’s fine to take your time . Learning things take time . Maybe the process is slow but I guess the results will be much better after all . Enjoy your time …..

[ P.s : It is probably a sad one(and a short one as well) but I guess I was holding myself back from writing this  since a long time . I hope it’s not that sad 😶.   ]

(P.s (2): It is kind of based on songs I recently listen to 😁)

With Smiles,

Jai Sri Hari 😊🙏✨