I was not available for the past few months because I have been going through the worst phase of my life. I don’t know now if it is just a phase or it is going to continue for my whole life now. 

My father passed away left us on the 21st of May. After 1.5 years of being paralyzed and struggling for his life, he couldn’t take it anymore and left us for the greater good. And that pain is not going away. I have such pain in my chest since that day that I can’t even explain. 

While all of this was going on, I still mustered my courage and completed my MBA from a prestigious B-school and got a decent job. With a lot of courage, I joined that company and started my job. But now I got to know that my chachu who was a business partner with my father, wants to divide the business in the ratio of 60-40. 

I have seen a lot of problems since that accident happened. But I was still positive because I knew that my family is with me. But now everything is slipping out of my hands and there’s nothing that I can do to save it. 

My brother is younger than me, and doesn’t have the knowledge and maturity to handle the business and take care of my family. I mustered all the courage and thought that I will do a business and show to the world that anything can be achieved if we have the will. But after seeing all these things within my family, I am all broken and there’s nothing left in me to take this forward. 

There’s nobody with whom I can share my pain and worries, and hence I came to this platform. 

Please help us and give your blessings so that my family gets the strength to fight. 

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